Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Warrior Poet

Steve Toth recently posted this in the Warrior Poet Society blog. Reposted here with his permission.

Steve Toth

When a tiger
comes to the watering hole
the other animals
lose their thirst
in a hurry

Some run others slip away
Some scamper others bolt to shadows
Some raise dust clouds others take wing
but all are well suited
for making themselves scarce

Unhurried he walks in the royal manner
as if everything belongs to him
Some people in power get to
feeling especially entitled but there is
more tapeworm than tiger to them

When things get tough they are more
than ready to fight to the last
drop of everyone else's blood
A parasite cares nothing
about the welfare of its host

Tell the dictators we won't be
taking any more dictations
The people are the tigers now
So fly monkeys fly
Crawl tapeworms crawl

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