Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Murder Mysterty

I just received this announcement from Becky Wooley:

Dear Ones, My publisher is telling me that I need people to request that my book,

"Non-Prophet Murders," be made available as an ebook.

You can do this by going to Amazon.com, entering my name or the name of my book

and clicking on the question about ebooks under the cover picture. (You aren't buying anything,

you are just requesting that it be made available.)

Also, I need you to pass this email on to anyone who might want to read my funny, murder mystery.

I am available to speak for book talks, ladies' days, and book clubs.

I will supply posters and news releases.

I can travel up to 200 miles from Chattanooga, OR appear via SKYPE.

Please do send this on to many, many people.

Thank you!

Becky Wooley

Becky is the author of the humorous clerical crime novel, "Non-Prophet Murders: A Grit and Grace Mystery." Signed copies are available from the author. Unsigned copies can be ordered from Amazon.com, Christianbook.com or Wipfandstock.com. "Non-Prophet Murders" should be available as an ebook in April of 2011.

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