Saturday, March 6, 2010


A brief segment from my soon to be published book.

I remember the words of Edward Abbey in Beyond the Wall. “The more often you stop, the more difficult it is to continue. Stop too long and they cover you with rocks.”

It appears to me that I have been a pretty tame environmentalist. I have not taken much action to preserve wild lands, nor have I done much to raise awareness. I need to preserve the lands I love – no more sentiment without action. I have stopped too long and need to get going before they cover me with rocks.

I think of how small and powerless I am compared to the giant government, indifferent to conservation and frequently complicit with business and industry in despoiling the natural environment. I think of how small I am compared to the developers and giant corporations, with their wealth. I wonder what I can do with my small resources.

Thinking these thoughts I heard the piercing call of a red tailed hawk and looked up to see the great raptor pursued by a kingbird. The kingbird is no larger than a blue jay or a mockingbird but it controls its territory, it chases away the bigger birds. Lord, give me the strength to be a kingbird.

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