Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Written especially for the Equinox performance of New Voices Poetry and The Undoctored Originals (Jazz Improv Band), Chattanooga, TN. com/watch? v=dsbQaOF_ Awo

March 20, 2010
Ray Zimmerman


Equinox is the sun
Stretching toward zenith
Reaching zenith
But not here.

Equinox is the red fox
I saw beside Scenic Highway
Walking about
The last night before spring.

The chorus frogs
Wind up their serenade.
Spring began for them
Two months ago.

Equinox is the bull
Fleeing Orion in the east.
The hounds join the chase.
The Twins look on.

Equinox is a tadpole
Hatching from an egg,
The sun spinning out
Cosmic dust from beginnings.

Red maples reach full bloom.
The forest seems to blush.
Bloodroot spreads white blossoms,
Oozes red sap when bruised.

I seek the crescent moon
Already beyond the horizon,
Fill with joy,
Howl my lament.

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