Friday, September 4, 2009

Non Poetry Published Works List

Selected Publications and Awards

“Nature’s Bookshelf” was Ray’s regular column in The Hellbender Press Knoxville, Tennessee for nearly two years. Each installment was a profile of an environmental author or nature writer. The column began with the November/December issue, 2005

Ray won Second Place in the 2007 poetry contest of the Tennessee Writers Alliance. He read his poem, “Glen Falls Trail” at the awards ceremony of the Southern Festival of Books at Legislative Plaza, Nashville, Tennessee.

In Legacy: The Journal of Interpretation, National Association for Interpretation, Fort Collins, Colorado
“The End of Nature” (Book Review), Volume 1, Number 3
“Wildlife Rehabilitation and the Chattanooga Nature Center” (Article) Volume 2, Number 2
“The 1991 Science Teacher Enrichment Workshop at Everglades National Park” (Article) Volume 2, Number 6
“Being Kind to Animal Pests” (Book Review) Volume 3, Number 3
“Joe Taft, Veteran NAI Member,” (Biographical Sketch) Volume 3, Number 5
“Dinosaurs Come to Chattanooga” (Article) Volume 5, Number 6

In Photo Traveler, Los Angeles, California
“Alabama: Little River National Preserve” (Article) October/November, 1993
“Okefenokee Swamp” (Article) February/March, 1994
“Tennessee’s Ocoee River” (Article) February/March, 1995

In EnviroLink Magazine, Chattanooga, Tennessee
“Moccasin Bend, Part One: Key to the Past” (Article) December, 1995
“Moccasin Bend, Part 2: Preserving the Resource” (Article) March 1996

In The Hellbender Press, Knoxville, Tennessee
“A Walk on the Levee” (Article) June/July 2003
“The Levee Revisited” (Article) October/November 2003

In Cappers, Topeka, Kansas
“Annual Chincoteague Pony Roundup” (Article), 1989

In Tennessee Conservationist, Nashville, Tennessee
Growing Green at Greenway Farm (Photographs to accompany an article by Louise Zepp, Editor), May/June 1997

In The PSA Journal, Photographic Society of America, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma “Pic of the Month,” (Photograph) April, 1997

The United Methodist Reporter, First Centenarian Edition, Chattanooga, Tennessee
“25 Years of Inner City Ministry” October 30, 1992
“Send an Inner City Child to Camp” April 14, 1995

In The Signal Mountain Post, Published in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia
“Dulcimer Concert at Mountain Arts Community Center was Stunning” (Concert Review) July 21, 2005

In Native Ground, Newsletter of the Chattanooga Nature Center (also under the publication’s former title, Nature Notes):
Numerous short articles on nature, astronomy, and natural history over an eleven year period from 1990 through 2002

In The Art of Living, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Numerous short articles on nature and natural history

In Southern Exposure, (also under the publication’s former name, Franklinia), Region III newsletter of the National Association for Interpretation, Fort Collins, Colorado
Numerous short articles on natural history and the profession of nature interpretation


  1. Ray, you're not only award-winning, you're quite prolific. Thanks for sharing your blog.

  2. Thanks Karen. I plan to look at other writer's blogs later today. - Ray