Sunday, April 8, 2012

Writers at the Library

Tuesday, April 10

7:00 – 7:10 – Registration and opening remarks

7:10 – 7:30 – Keynote Speaker,
Corinne Hill, Library Director

7:30 – First guided tour begins in the lounge area

7:30 – 8:30 Local authors read from their works

Area A – Side porch off of auditorium

7:30 – George Taylor reads from Non-Prophet Murders, a mystery by Becky Wooley
7:40 – Sharleen Rhinock reads from one of her novels
7:50 – Sybil Baker reads from one of her novels
8:00 – Peggy Douglas reads from her poetry chapbook, Twisted Roots
8:10 – Jerry Minchew reads from one of his action adventure novels
8:20 – Nell Mohney reads from one of her inspirational books

Area B – Computer alcove to the right of the reference desk

7:30 – Ray Zimmerman reads from his literary non-fiction e-zene
7:40 – Joyce Walters reads from her memoir, Thomaston Queen
7:50 – Daniel Swanger reads from his book of poetry, A Treasured Keepsake of Art
8:00 – Barbara Tucker reads from her novel, Traveling Through
8:10 – James Parker reads from his gift book for graduates, My College Tips
8:20 – Rachel Burson reads from her children’s book, Aalayah’s New Hope

Area C – Near the windows at the far right of the first floor

7:30 – Kevin Brown reads from his book of poetry, Abecedarium
7:40 – Condra Reed reads from her Bible guide, Highlights of the Old Testament
7:50 – Dewey Dempsey reads from his historical fiction, Atskili: Secret Paths of the Cherokee
8:00 – Melinda Evaul reads from her contemporary Christian romance, Grow Old along with Me
8:10 – Francine Fuqua reads from her historical fiction novel, In Pursuit of Abraham
8:20 – Vivian Moore reads from her novel, Room in the Attic

8:00 – Second guided tour begins in the lounge area.
9:00 – Doors are locked and the party moves to the fountain area

Door prize winners will be posted in the auditorium every 15 minutes.

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