Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Reposted by popular request.

Ray Zimmerman

B.P. Drills for you.

Dick Cheney gave them money,
a few million or so
of taxpayer dollars
to assure America’s
energy future.
Denied they were at the meeting

Sarah Palin said
drill baby drill,
you betcha!

So the earth bleeds
oil into the Gulf
killing fish and fishing
directly or by fear.

Insinuation – don’t you dare
eat that shrimp, marinated
in the earth’s blood, in
ancient microbes under pressure
to give up
their energy stored for
our rainy day.

So the earth bleeds
killing fish and fishing
scaring investors into selling
all those condos on the beach
for pennies on the dollar
saved for their rainy day.

Their retirement goes up in flames
flaming tar balls
on the beach,
scaring tourists into staying
far away.

Put that vacation money away
save it for your rainy day.

The governors say
we need the revenue
from oil wells
with tourism going away.

Keep on drilling.

With fishing up in flames,
keep on drilling.

We need jobs
on the oil rigs.

Keep on drilling.

I say no,
stop the drilling,
but I keep driving
my truck,

reports of dead pelicans
on the radio as
I keep driving my truck.

Reports of broke fishermen
on the radio
dead fish washing ashore
still life with sand
painted by an artist,
his oil on canvas rendering
of oil on fish
of oil on beach as
I keep driving my truck.

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