Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ham and Rye

It seems like half the times I visit Bicentennial Library there are fire trucks outside Patton Towers. This morning there were several, and it was the real deal. They were evacuating the building with tall ladder trucks. I didn't think of the second stanza of this poem as prophetic, but it appears to be so.

Ham and Rye

I went to the deli a gleam in my eye
said "Give me some ham and put it on rye."
They said "we've got whole wheat and foccacia for to die
but don't get upset sir, we ain't got no rye."
Ham and Rye.

Sirens are screamin' headed downtown
one day Patton towers will burn to the ground.
I'm still sittin' here hangin' around
Pour me a whiskey and I'll drink it down
Ham and Rye.

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