Friday, January 22, 2010

Equal Rights

Equal Rights

With politicians now for sale
and corporations spending
there'll be no end to larceny
or all the rules they're bending.

Could growing corporations
someday get the vote
or even hold an office
with all that loot they tote?

So vote for Goldman Sachs
and bar the courthouse gates
when Enron is the preisdent
of these United States.

Corporations now are people
and they have equal rights
the Supreme Court said its so
resolving all the fights.

Kennedy wrote the opinion
that surely sealed our doom,
turned the voting booth into
a high priced auction room.

Justice Roberts and Alito
went along for the ride.
Clarence Thomas cast his vote
upon the rising tide.

Justice John Paul Stevens
is a true American hero
but his dissenting opinion,
it just counts for zero.

That old man Ronald Reagan
is smiling from the grave,
says bury freedom beside me.
Her virtues you won't save.

Senator Mitch McConnell
is a coal company whore.
When King Coal pays him off,
he just asks for more.

McConnell liked the ruling
and so did all his cronies.
When it comes to saving freedom,
They're just a bunch of phonies.

Alexander Hamilton created
corporations with his pen
but Franklin didn't like it
don't go there said old Ben.

Vice President Aaron Burr,
he wasn't all that bad.
In a famous duel he killed
the corporation's dad.

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